On-site Resources


The library has a collection of plays that King Rama VI wrote, as well as prominent literary works that he translated, including some of Shakespeare’s plays. It also contains important books and historical photographs of the royal family, as well as interesting information on the restoration process.

Music Library

The library has a section on traditional music: music instruments, anecdotes from in-house musicians, conservation of historical music compositions. This is a space where visitors can learn more about how the instruments are made, how music is passed from one generation to the next, as well as compositions by King Rama VI and his contemporaries.

Children's Library

Part of the library is dedicated as a children’s library, as we aim to make the palace a kid-friendly place for children to learn history and related topics.


It is part of the vision of the Palace Foundation to make the Palace a study centre. For research oriented students or professionals, the Archive Room contains documents ranging from official government gazettes and restoration blueprints to physical artifacts and scientific reports. These documents are open to public usage, and researchers interested in coastal ecology, Thai royal history, architecture, and Thai traditional arts, are encouraged to utilise the room and get in touch with our office on how we can assist you further. From time to time, the archive room will also display artworks, as well as actual artifacts that were uncovered during restorations.