A National Heritage Site

Located in the beachside city of Cha-am, Mrigadayavan Palace was designated as a cultural heritage site in 1981.

A Museum

Open to the public, Mrigadayavan Palace serves as an educational museum for the local and international community. Exhibits display information on conservation and history.

A Learning Centre

Students of all ages have the opportunity to study the history, architecture, and environment of Mrigadayavan Palace through school visits and internships.

A Foundation

Mrigadayavan Palace Foundation is under the patronage of HRH Princess Berjaratana. The Foundation manages and funds Palace operations and restoration works.

Our Mission

Mrigadayavan Palace Foundation seeks to protect and conserve the historical, architectural, and environmental heritage of Mrigadayavan Palace while honoring and serving the conservation goals of King Rama VI and King Rama IX.

Mrigadayavan Palace Foundation is under the patronage of HRH Princess Berjaratana

Our Vision

Through our conservation and educational efforts, Mrigadayavan Palace Foundation envisions the future Mrigadayavan Palace as one that is restored to its original 1924 condition in all aspects, including its architecture and environment. Mrigadayavan Palace will serve as four entities simultaneously: a national heritage site, a museum, a learning centre, and a foundation. Through ongoing preservation and outreach efforts, Mrigadayavan hopes to lead as a learning site for visitors, students, and all who wish to learn about sustainable development through cultural heritage.

Our Principles of Conservation

Mrigadayavan Palace is a national heritage site that undergoes continuous restoration to preserve its architectural, cultural, and environmental heritage. Mrigadayavan Palace hopes to serve as a case study for sustainable development and conservation in Thailand by committing to royal development principles, community participation, and evidence-based restoration.