Monday to Sunday (Closed on Wednesday) 08.30 - 16.00


1281 Petcha-kasem Road Rama 6 Camp
Cha-Am, Phetchaburi, Thailand 76120

Admission Prices (foreign and Thai)

Adults: 30 THB

Students ages 10-15: 15 THB

Children ages 9 and under: FREE

Regarding Access to Second Floor

Mrigadayavan Palace requires continuous restoration in order to preserve its cultural heritage and historical value. This need for ongoing preservation means visitors can only access the ground floor. For visitors interested in accessing the second floor, an in-depth two-hour tour about the architectural conservation of the second floor is available on Thursdays and Fridays. For more information on tours, see the tours page.

Visitor Etiquette

Mrigadayavan Palace is a national heritage site. In order to conserve the palace for future generations and respect other visitors, please adhere to the following policies:

Dress Code

As a sign of respect for the palace and its history, we ask that you dress modestly, covering your shoulders and knees. During your visit, you may borrow a sarong for this purpose. A donation of 20 THB is appreciated for the use and maintenance of sarongs.


Photography is allowed in most areas. Feel free to take photos of the grounds and architecture of Mrigadayavan Palace, but please do not take photos of exhibits with this symbol:

No selfie sticks allowed.

Grounds and Buildings

Please keep off the grass in order to conserve the gardens.

Take off shoes before entering any building in order to conserve the original wood.

Eating and drinking are not allowed.

No smoking.